Below is the tentative schedule for 2014. The schedules and results for previous seasons can be found here.

2014 Season

Jun 1: Boston BMWCCA
Jun 7-8: SCCA Ayers Match Tour
Jun 15: Boston BMWCCA
Jun 22: NER SCCA

Jul 6: Boston BMWCCA
Jul 19: Renegade Miata 
Jul 20: NER SCCA
Jul 26: NCR PCA

Aug 10: NER SCCA
Aug 16: Boston BMWCCA
Aug 17: NER SCCA
Aug 30: Renegade Miata 

Sep 2-5: SCCA Solo National Championship (NE)
Sep 13: Boston BMWCCA
Sep 14: NER SCCA
Sep 27: Renegade Miata 
Sep 28: Boston BMWCCA

Oct 19: Boston BMWCCA

Last updated on July 4, 2014

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