Lana’s February Vacation


February is typically not a good month for a peaceful bike ride — at least in Massachusetts. However, I had to fly to Florida for a HIMSS conference and that’s where riding was just fine. First step was to find a place to rent a bike. There are many Eagle Rider locations around the US and one was found close to where I would be staying. This one was not a typical Eagle Rider, where one can find endless Harley Davidson’s of various models, years, and conditions. This place seemed to be privately held by a person who was renting out his own Triumphs. Well, we all have our preferences, right?  I had never ridden one, but I was up for trying something new. Good reliable bike, but not for me. Thank you for the person who let me rent it. It was a good experience. I learned more about what I appreciate in bikes.
By the way, it was almost too hot in a helmet. February…..  Bike…. Too hot…..I still struggle to comprehend this.


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