Aug 1 Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Boston BMWCCA Autocross School where Lana was instructing. All of the pictures from the event are here. If you zoom in on the 2nd picture, you will notice the passenger front tire is about 2” off the ground.



2 thoughts on “Aug 1 Pictures”

  1. Hank, thanks again for letting me join you today in your first run today at the AutoCross. I went there with the intention of just checking out the scene, not thinking for a moment I’d actually get to participate in the event. It was an amazing experience, and your hospitality was greatly appreciated. I just looked at all the previous AutoCross event results for 2009, and noticed you’ve finished first in your class in each one. I think I owe Mark a big thank you for steering me your way.

    I hope you had a strong second run, and I’ll be checking the results to see how you and Lana finished today, as welll as in the future.

    Best of luck, and I look forward to bumping into you again.


    Brad Bobzien
    Global Account Manager
    RICOH Business Solutions

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