May 17 SCCA Event

It was one of those days… You wake up on a rainy morning and stare out the window for a while because you are not sure what you want to do with your day. If you decide to skip the event so that you can close your eyes and sleep a couple more hours, you know that you will beat yourself up later for being weak. The pillow and the cover are so attractive and they are already here for you. They are still warm… You also know that if you drag yourself out of the bed, you’ll be soaking wet in the first half hour at the site and soon after that you’ll be wandering the course with your friends while asking yourself, why did i come here? It’s so miserable! The rain seems to be in love with this particular little town!… This is why the pillow and cover looks so much more appealing at 6am on a rainy day.

However, something inhuman pulls you out of your bed. You wash your face hoping it will help to wake you. It doesn’t, but at least you tried. You finish packing the car and get a couple of bites of something. You don’t remember what it was and somehow you are OK with this. Your brain is still sleeping. Somewhere in the middle of your commute to the site you realize that you are awake! Check mark. Your brain runs through the list of important things to bring to the event. Amazingly, you managed to bring everything you need.  This means that your autopilot is still functioning. Check mark. You get to the site, unpack, cover yourself in layers of rain protected clothes… It’s still raining. You walk the course while asking yourself why on Earth you came.

Then it’s your time to run. That is the moment when you know WHY you came to the event on that rainy morning and why you abandoned your bed. It’s fun!!! Especially in the rain. Your autopilot is not needed any more and your body silently turns it off. You don’t even notice how smooth this change happens.  You are in control. Hopefully… Hopefully you are controlling the car that tends to throw its butt around…

We got our morning runs in the rain. By the end of the run group the rain was stopping, but the pavement was still wet… Driving in the rain was something new to remember, learn and appreciate.


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